Local / County Issues

  • Promote a safe, balanced and data-driven response to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Thoughtful and efficient investments in public safety, parks and walking/cycling trails

  • Additional improvements to county transportation infrastructure with more great roads and future rail service

  • Encourage additional government, community and private solar power installations

  • Build relationships with local leaders to be sure important needs are met

  • Find consensus where possible and look for smart compromises on issues

  • Work to make the County Board more transparent and publicly accountable with deeper and more inclusive meetings rather than countless separate committee meetings that discourage public involvement

  • Say it: Black Lives Matter.

Guiding Principles

  • Sustainability: both environmental and economic

  • Striking a balance: focus not on making one group 100% happy but on what can do the greatest good for the most people

  • Do the right thing: never put (re)election before morals, never shy away from taking a tough stance on an issue -- be willing to do or say something unpopular, if it's right

  • Technology: leverage the culmination of progress in science to solve problems

  • Efficiency: look for better ways of doing things that consume less resources (both financial and environmental) to ultimately be a good steward of tax payer dollars and our planet

  • Equality and fairness: everyone isn't coming from the same place, or with the same ability set -- meet them where they are and work together where you can

  • Critical but optimistic: be cautious of those who seek to divide us -- find ways to cut through the noise to expose our shared interest as a community both rural and suburban

  • Dream big but get things done: don't let "perfection" be the enemy of "better"

Support Important State and National Voting Initiatives

  • Rank Choice Voting (FairVote Illinois)

  • Vote by Mail / Voting Access / Voting Rights (make voting easier, not harder)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How would you work on property taxes? (8/5/20)

At least be sure they don't go any higher! Also, we need to look for smart savings -- everyone recognizes Kendall County property taxes are disproportionately high. Like my Facebook page and you should see a video later this month breaking down a couple property tax bills from different parts of the county. We'll discuss the different line items, where they come from, and where the money goes.

See the Facebook discussion.

What's the property tax plan? (8/10/20)

We can be smart on spending. As a small business owner you have to learn how to be scrappy. I'd propose cost effective solutions where I see excess spending. In the last board meeting where they approved a $442k update/renovation to the county board room, someone stated the technology updates were one of the biggest line items. I have lots of expertise there and would have been able to propose many cost effect alternative solutions to reduce cost. That check has now already been written, so I won't be able do anything there, but those are the kinds of ideas and philosophy I'd bring to the board. I would look at the cost of projects as if they were my own or my company's -- we are good at building impressive systems on a very modest budget.

Can you share your views on the Kendall County Boardroom renovation? What would you do about it? (7/17/20)

It seems to me that project has ballooned into something ridiculous. Half a million dollars for one room is ludicrous. If the money isn't already spent by the time I am elected to the board I would want to review the project, look for savings, reduction in scope or simply doing it in phases. No tax payer wants to see a single $500,000 line item for a "nice to have".

View the Facebook post.

Are you a democrat or republican? (8/5/20)

I'm running as an independently minded democratic candidate. But to be clear, I want to keep the divisiveness that has infected our state and national politics as far away from our county level work as is possible. I am eager to work with everyone, no mater your ideological perceptive to find common ground, consensus, and work on finding solutions that make sense for the people who live in Kendall county.

View the Facebook post.

What is your preference on the new Metra extension station? (8/5/20)

As far as my personal preference on the proposed Metra extension station location, it seems to me “Option B” in Yorkville off Eldamain might make the most sense to be most cost conscious for a single additional stop and yard. It splits the difference between Yorkville and Plano (serving both towns with a single stop) and provides a very accessible location for the smaller towns in the more southern parts of the county. The Eldamain bridge south over the Fox River will be completed before any station would ever be constructed.

View the full Facebook discussion with people from the community giving their preferences.

Where do you stand on unions? (8/11/20)

I see both sides of the union issue. I certainly respect the dignity of work, and the right of workers to form unions. Some negative impacts can be compensation and benefits levels that make the company's products noncompetitive versus non unionized or non-US competition. There are examples such as American cars or public schools versus private schools. But in most cases unions understand they only have a job as long as the company can succeed and a balance is stuck. Unions have been the key to a strong middle class in this country for a long time. View the Facebook post.

What is your stance on firearms? (7/17/20)

There are no firearms policies decided at the county level.

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Your thoughts on Michael Madigan Subpoena and Governor Pritzer Toilet Tax evasion? (7/26/20)

Those are state issues not local Kendall County issues. That said, I think I can speak for most people in Illinois in that Madigan is probably a textbook case for why we need some form of reasonable term limits and if the comed allegations are true he certainly should be forced to (finally) resign. Regarding tax loopholes in general, pretty much everyone is guilty of exploiting them. I would be in favor of a simplified progressive tax code with minimal-no loopholes/carve outs. Again, this is nothing that can be solved at the county board level.

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