Local / County Issues

  • Promote a safe, balanced and data-driven response to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Thoughtful and efficient investments in public safety, parks and walking/cycling trails

  • Additional improvements to county transportation infrastructure with more great roads and future rail service

  • Encourage additional government, community and private solar power installations

  • Build relationships with local leaders to be sure important needs are met

  • Find consensus where possible and look for smart compromises on issues

  • Work to make the County Board more transparent and publicly accountable with deeper and more inclusive meetings rather than countless separate committee meetings that discourage public involvement

  • Say it: Black Lives Matter.

Guiding Principles

  • Sustainability: both environmental and economic

  • Striking a balance: focus not on making one group 100% happy but on what can do the greatest good for the most people

  • Do the right thing: never put (re)election before morals, never shy away from taking a tough stance on an issue -- be willing to do or say something unpopular, if it's right

  • Technology: leverage the culmination of progress in science to solve problems

  • Efficiency: look for better ways of doing things that consume less resources (both financial and environmental) to ultimately be a good steward of tax payer dollars and our planet

  • Equality and fairness: everyone isn't coming from the same place, or with the same ability set -- meet them where they are and work together where you can

  • Critical but optimistic: be cautious of those who seek to divide us -- find ways to cut through the noise to expose our shared interest as a community both rural and suburban

  • Dream big but get things done: don't let "perfection" be the enemy of "better"

Support Important State and National Voting Initiatives

  • Rank Choice Voting (FairVote Illinois)

  • Vote by Mail / Voting Access / Voting Rights (make voting easier, not harder)