Meet Anthony

Anthony Magliari moved to Newark, Illinois, in 1991 at age 12 with his brother Joseph, sister Jennifer and mother Anne. As soon as he was able, at age 14, Anthony started taking local jobs, including detasseling corn, bailing hay and shelling corn for local farmers. Later, he worked at the local gas station. After attending Millbrook Jr. High and graduating from Newark High School in 1997, he attended Quincy University and graduated in 2001 with degrees in Computer Science and Media & Communications.

The next year, while working Information Technology jobs in Quincy and Springfield, Anthony co-founded NewarkNet, a rural Internet Service Provider, to provide fast and reliable internet access for his hometown and the surrounding areas. Rural areas are often the very last to get modern, high-speed internet access so the NewarkNet team stepped to fill the void. Before NewarkNet, in 2002, the only other Internet access method in the area was dial-up.

Anthony was hired the following year by a leading manufacturer of medical devices used to treat cancer patients with radiation. Although that job required a move to Dallas (and then to St. Louis), weekends were often spent returning to Newark, to stay close to friends, visit family and build NewarkNet with his partners.

In 2009, Anthony was in a motorcycle accident while northbound on Interstate 55. He broke his neck at C4 vertebrae, causing immediate paralysis. After four months in the hospital and more than a year of full-time physical and occupational therapy, the resulting physical recovery allowed Anthony to return to school and reclaim his independence. He attended Southwestern Illinois College and Southern Illinois University, graduating in 2011 with a Masters in Medical Dosimetry. Having broadened his skills beyond servicing those medical device systems to actually operating them clinically to help cancer patients, Anthony spent the next five years creating radiation treatment plans at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis and later at Edward-Elmhurst in Naperville and Elmhurst.

Anthony was re-hired in 2015 by the same medical device company and now works from his home office in Newark as a Senior Research Scientist. He leverages his deep knowledge of both the systems and their clinical use to help create new and better devices to treat cancer.

Anthony's daughter Anna was welcomed into the world in 2017. Living in Newark again enables him to help raise his daughter with family nearby in a welcoming and familiar environment. Anna lives with her mother in Yorkville. Anthony's mother Anne retired in 2014 from more than 20 years teaching in Yorkville Public Schools and also lives in Newark where she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.

Anthony has had a strong connection to Newark and Kendall County for nearly 30 years. From growing up here, to co-owning a small business in the area since 2002, Newark has always been home. Anthony very closely follows politics, both national and at the state and local levels. Everyday he either listens to NPR news or watches PBS NewsHour on YouTube. His next step is to get involved at the county level, to find consensus on issues and try to make sure Kendall County is well prepared for the future of your family and your business. His family and his business, too.